Ask us to inspect an overcrowded house

We carry out inspections to ensure that your health and wellbeing are not at risk because you are living in overcrowded conditions. Inspections are carried out in response to requests from our own or other agencies' departments.

Overcrowding in family homes

A dwelling house is said to be overcrowded in either of the following situations:

  • Sexual overcrowding - this occurs if it would be necessary for a boy and a girl aged 10 years or older to sleep in the same room
  • Room standard - this occurs when any of the limits in the table below are exceeded for the whole dwelling:
Number of sleeping rooms*  Number of people**
 1  2
 2  3
 3  5
 4  7.5
 5  10
 Above 5  rooms  Allow 2 people per room
  • Space standard - this occurs when any of the limits in the table below are exceeded for the whole dwelling:

Size of room  Number of people per room**
 110 square feet or more  2
 90-110 square feet  1.5
 70-90 square feet  1
 50-70 square feet  0.5
  • Room and space standards - accompanying notes; a room less than 50 square feet is not suitable as a sleeping room; living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are all deemed generally suitable as sleeping rooms - denoted as*; infants under one year of age should not be counted; children over one year and less than 10 years of age should be counted as a half - denoted as **

Overcrowding in houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

Overcrowding in HMOs is a more complicated issue. In Swindon, this is dealt with using our Adopted Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation.


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