Report an artificial light nuisance

Significant spillage of artificial light from another property or premises can, in certain circumstances, be deemed as a 'statutory nuisance'. An example of this would be floodlighting on a trade premises, so poorly adjusted that intense light shines through a bedroom window thus preventing sleep.

A useful guide to assess whether light may be a 'statutory nuisance' would be if you were able to read a newspaper in the affected room with the lights off and the curtains closed. Ultimately, only an Environmental Health Officer may judge what constitutes a statutory nuisance and only the courts can rule or overrule such a judgement.

If you are affected by such a problem, you should initially attempt to resolve the problem by:

  • Meeting with the person causing the nuisance
  • Writing to them politely to explain the situation
  • Entering into formal mediation.

If your attempts to resoilve the problem fail, please report the problem to us using the form below:

Report an artificial light nuisance online

All incoming complaints are screened by an officer who will contact you within 5 days, sooner if your complaint is judged to be particularly serious.

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