Swindon's economy

Swindon continues to have one of the best-performing economies in the country, according the latest Centre for Cities Outlook report. This provides an annual economic performance index of the 63 largest cities and towns in the UK.

Swindon is ranked seventh in Britain when it comes to the rate of productivity per worker – up three places from a year ago. This can be attributed to the breadth of firms in Swindon from large major employers to a thriving SME sector and the fact that many of these are early adopters of new technologies.

Swindon has a proud tradition of innovation and re-invention, so is ideally placed to exploit its competitive advantages and respond to the opportunities that a changing economy presents.

Swindon is a great place to do business with its highly productive, skilled workforce and its housing market, with prices still significantly below the national average. To find out more about why you should invest in Swindon, see our infographics below.

Invest in Swindon infographic

Invest in Swindon infographic

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