Application for wayleave or easement

To apply for a wayleave or easement across Swindon Borough Council land, you will need to complete the online form below.

You will also need the following items, scanned and ready to upload: 

  • Dimensioned and scale plan identifying the existing route of cables/wires/pipes (if any), and proposed new route
  • A copy of planning approval for the proposed development, if applicable
  • Other information to support your application, for instance, depth of digging or ducting

Administration fees and charges

New applications are subject to a £100 administration fee so that we can review the online application.

Once we have had the opportunity to review your application, a decision will be made as to whether the matter is handled in-house or outsourced.

Simple applications will be subject to the following charges: 

  • Administration fee - £100
  • Estates fee - a minimum of £300*
  • Legal fees - a minimum of £300*

*There may be individual cases where, due to the specific details or complex nature of the application, it cannot be treated as a simple application. In such cases, an increased wayleave fee and legal fee may be applied.

Payment of VAT on the Council’s estates and legal fees will depend on whether we have opted to tax the relevant property for the transaction in question.

Once the proposed route has been agreed, our Legal team will be instructed either to review your standard paperwork or to prepare documentation for you to review..

To apply,  use the link below:

Application for wayleave or easement

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