Levy transfer

We are a levy paying employer with an ability to transfer 25% of our annual funding to other employers to spend on apprenticeship training. This can help support employers by either recruiting into new vacancies, or by upskilling their existing workforce.

If you have never looked at apprenticeship training before, we can support you in moving this forward. However, we are not able to transfer funds for apprenticeships that have already started.

Priorities for apprenticeship levy transfers

We already support many employers across Swindon however, we cannot guarantee we can support everyone. We will look to support all sectors where we possibly can, but our main priorities will be supporting those organisations that align with the council’s strategic aims which are:

  • Priority 1 - Build an economy that works for you: creating more well-paid jobs, attracting further investment in our town and making Swindon a great place to start to grow businesses  
  • Priority 2 - Protect and enhance our heritage, cultural and leisure facilities: delivering improvements now and securing long-term investment
  • Priority 3 - Deliver sustainable growth: through high quality affordable homes alongside infrastructure to support our growing town
  • Priority 4 - Equip all young people with the education and skills they need: through additional and enhanced skills and higher education opportunities
  • Priority 5. Make Swindon greener and more sustainable: we will help residents to reduce their environmental impact and, as a council, we will aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2030
  • Priority 6 - We will make Swindon safer, fairer and healthier: by helping people to help themselves while always protecting our children and adults, increasing health and wellbeing facilities and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour

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