Paying for residential and nursing home care

Where Swindon Borough Council has agreed to arrange care and support on your behalf, we will need to undertake a financial assessment in order to determine your contribution towards the cost of your care.

Everyone must pay toward the cost of their care and support. How much you pay depends on your personal financial circumstances.

In order to calculate your contribution, we will need you to complete a financial assessment form (RN/1) providing details of all your:

  • benefits
  • income
  • capital
  • savings
  • investments
  • property 

You will also need to tell us about any expenses you may remain liable for following your move to the care home. 

You can access the online financial declaration form using the link below.

While completing the form, we will ask you to upload scanned copies of documents that provide evidence of the information you have provided. We advise you to prepare these documents in advance of completing the form.

Alternatively, you can complete the form without evidence and instead send evidence to the address or e-mail address at the bottom of the page. When you do so, please quote your form reference number, which you can find on the confirmation page or in your confirmation e-mail.

Start financial declaration form

The following documents may provide further information:

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