Friday, 28 August 2015

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Joining the Library


You can join the library using the online link below, or in person at one of the libraries. You will need to provide proof of your name and address from the list below to be able to use the full range of library facilities. You may join as a temporary member if you do not have any of the proofs of address shown below, however this will limit the library services you can use. 

Acceptable Proofs of Address

Item Comments
Household bill i.e. Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax Not more than 3 months old
Bank statement Not more than 3 months old
Letter from employer on headed paper Not more than 3 months old
A solicitor's letter confirming completion date on property purchase Completion date not more than 3 months old
Lease or tenancy agreement Not more than 3 months old
Driving licence With your current address

Children will need a parent, guardian or other responsible adult to sign their form as a guarantor.

Once the application has been processed you will be issued with a library membership card, which you will need to sign and bring with you each time you visit the library. Library membership expires annually but is easily renewed when you visit the library. Please remember to let the library know if your details change. 

Data Protection Act

All personal information which members provide when joining the library is subject to the terms of the Data Protection Act. This means that the information will be used only for the administration of library services to our members, or for compiling statistics. These details are only kept if the member is still using the library, therefore if members have stopped borrowing items from the library for a period of more than a year, their details will be deleted. Personal details are not shared with other council departments.

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