Council Tax single person discount review

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About this form

You are currently receiving a 25% Single Person Discount on your Council Tax bill. This is because we have been told that there is only one person aged 18 or over residing in your property.

So that we can ensure our records are correct and to verify that a discount is still appropriate, please complete this form. This will enable us to either continue your discount, or if your circumstances have changed, allow us to cancel it from the appropriate date.

You must complete the form even if your circumstances are unchanged and you must complete the form even if you receive Council Tax Support.

If you do not complete the review form, your discount will be retrospectively withdrawn and a bill for the full amount of Council Tax due from that date will be sent to you.

Please note that it is an offence to falsely claim a Single Person Discount for Council Tax if there is more than one adult aged over 18 residing in your property. The Council may use data matching techniques to verify the details you provide on the review form. This could include comparing records held with Credit Reference Agencies and by telephone verification using Voice Recognition Analysis software.

If you have any queries about completion of this form, or have any questions about your entitlement to a Single Person Discount, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.


Telephone: 01793 464690

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