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A Welcome Space is a council or community venue open for residents to visit or spend time, meet other people, feel safe, find shade in hot weather and warmth in cold weather.

It is somewhere to find information about what else is going on in your neighbourhood and to feel welcomed.

These spaces are open to anyone. Visitors won’t be asked why they are there and won’t have to take part in any activities if they don’t wish to.

The facilities at each venue will vary – some venues may offer cold or hot drinks, free Wi-Fi or activities may be taking place. The services at each space could include:

  • further support with the cost of living
  • opportunities to participate in activities
  • free internet access, computers and charging points
  • a friendly environment to connect with others within the community

These spaces will be available for people to use and visit during the winter period and beyond.

Visit the cost of living webpage for more help and support with the cost of living, including a list of things that you or someone you know can check to increase your income or save money.

We welcome any organisations and business across Swindon to register a venue as a Welcome Space, so as many venues as possible are available to residents. 

As this is a voluntary scheme, there is no expectation for venues to open outside their normal operating hours, or to supply refreshments.

Grants will be made to successful venues from between £100 and £500, with the amount linked to the number of days per week the space is open.

To participate, venues are asked to:

  • sign up to and facilitate the Welcome Charter
  • provide the council with copies of their Safeguarding Policy, a Health and Safety Policy and Public Liability Insurance 
  • provide key details about their offer which will be added to this Welcome Space web directory  
  • display Welcome Space posters at their venue
  • make community information and resources available where possible, to support residents. This will be supplied by the council and partners.

Potential venues can apply by e-mail: 

Where are our Welcome Spaces?

Please check this list regularly as we’ll be adding new venues as they sign-up to the scheme.

Click on a venue link to display the address, opening times and facilities:

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