Number of people waiting for council housing

This page shows the number of people waiting for housing. They are either on the main waiting list, or the transfer list. People on the transfer list are already in council housing, but seek a different property.

We publish this information every month.

Information on this page may inform your bid for council housing through our choice-based letting system.

February 2024

The number of people on the housing register waiting list and transfer list on 1 March 2024 was 4,617.

Band 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4+bed Aged 60+ for 1 or 2 bed Total in band
Band A 228 55 37 21 211 552
Band B 2,661 427 350 48 311 3,797
Band E 3 3 6 1 4 17
Band O 25 2 3 0 221 251
Total 2,917 487 396 70 747 4,617

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