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Fleming Way Bus Boulevard scheme

Preparation for the Bus Boulevard scheme

A scheme of this size requires a lot of work to ensure the main construction goes as smoothly as possible. Some works you may have seen taking place over the last couple of years were all in preparation for the redevelopment of Fleming Way.

British Telecom (BT) cable diversion

BT have a ‘super highway’ of cables that run underneath the central reservation of Fleming Way. Before we are able to lower the road, we need to move all of these out of the way. Work on this diversion started in summer 2019 with the laying of new cable ducts along the path next to Debenhams and H&M. A similar exercise was also completed along the path on the other side of the road, next to the Kimmerfields site and Tri-Centre.

BT have now started moving all the cables from the centre into either one of these two new routes. The cable moving started in July 2020, and is expected to take up to two and a half years to complete.

Temporary bus station - Kimmerfields

Kimmerfields, the cleared land next to the existing bus station, will be the site of the temporary bus station for buses currently using Fleming Way. The existing bus station will remain open and operational until the Fleming Way Bus Boulevard is finished.

Works for the temporary bus station are anticipated to start in Autumn 2021.

The Parade car park demolition

These works are likely to begin in Summer 2021. The multi-storey car park will close in advance of this to allow the demolition preparations to begin to make way for the development.

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