Fleming Way Bus Boulevard scheme

Fleming Way Bus Boulevard

The Council has been successful in securing government funding of £25 million to deliver a new public transport interchange for Swindon town centre. The Future High Streets fund was established to bring about improvements to town and city centres to make them vibrant places to live, work and visit.

We are working on the redevelopment of Fleming Way as part of our wider town centre regeneration project which began in earnest in summer 2020 with construction starting on the new flagship headquarters for Zurich.

The Fleming Way Bus Boulevard aims to create one inclusive bus interchange that will accommodate all bus services in the town centre. This will mean that all buses currently operating from Swindon bus station and from Fleming Way will leave from a single site. 

New pedestrian and cycle routes will also make the centre of Swindon easier to access and move around. Once complete, the new bus interchange will help to increase land values and act as a catalyst for future private investment in the local area.

Key elements of the scheme include:

  • the removal of the subway near Debenhams and H&M to make Fleming Way the same level as the town centre shopping area and The Parade. The subway will be replaced with a large pedestrian crossing, controlled by traffic lights
  • improving the connectivity of the town centre shopping area with the railway station and the business districts to the north of Fleming Way
  • the provision of a new cycle facility on Fleming Way to connect the town’s western and eastern cycle routes
  • the addition of more pedestrian crossings along Fleming Way to improve movement between the town centre and railway station
  • allowing access for buses, taxis and cycles only along Fleming Way between the Whalebridge junction and Milford Street
  • the demolition of The Parade multi-storey car park on John Street (behind the H&M store), so the space can be included in the scheme
  • the provision of a ‘hub’ at the western end of the scheme (currently Cheltenham Street car park), for the inter-urban bus and coach services (National Express and Oxford and Salisbury services)
  • the introduction of more greenery to Swindon town centre by planting more trees and ‘bee-friendly’ plants. This will increase biodiversity and create a more pleasant environment
  • the introduction of new custom-made bus shelters which will be unique to Swindon. These will contribute to the greening up of the bus boulevard.
  • removing the ageing bus station and developing the Kimmerfields site to build new homes and offices

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