Upgrade to over-counter payments and card payment made over the phone

An upgrade of the corporate finance system is taking place from 21 to 23 May 2018. Customers experiencing problems paying for goods/ services over this period should contact the relevant service team.

Egress Switch secure email

Swindon Borough Council is introducing Egress Switch, a new and more secure way of communicating by email with third parties, external contacts, and members of the public. Egress Switch is a secure email solution that enables the council to communicate securely with you, and enables you to respond to and initiate secure correspondence with us.

As a recipient, no costs will be incurred for receiving and replying to the secure Egress email. However, you will not be able to use Switch to send a secure email to another third party unless you or the third party you wish to communicate with has a full Switch licence.

Swindon Borough Council will continue to send emails as usual from their Council email accounts (i.e. those with addresses such as jbloggs@swindon.gov.uk) and recipients will receive secure emails in their existing email accounts.

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