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Documentation required for marriage and civil partnerships

Please read the following information carefully. The rules regarding the proof that must be produced to give notice are very strict, and we will be unable to take your notice without all of the following:

 Type of evidence  Required documentation  Other requirements
Proof of name and identity
  • Current valid passport or
  • Full birth certificate (this is the one that includes your parent(s) names) PLUS Utility bill for last quarter or
  • Bank statement dated within last month or
  • Council tax bill for current year or
  • Mortgage statement for current year or
  • Current home tenancy agreement or
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • EEA national ID card (so long as it contains name, nationality and date of birth)
  • Home Office Travel document
If you were born after 1 January 1983 and you do not have a valid passport we will also need to see your Mother or Father’s birth certificate or current passport and also their marriage certificate if father’s documents are provided and his details are not on your birth certificate. 
Confirmation of address
  • Council tax bill for current year or
  • Bank statement for current month or
  • Utility bill for current quarter or
  • Mortgage statement for current year or
  • Current home tenancy agreement or
  • Valid UK driving licence or
  • Letter from owner/occupier of residence

If you do not have any of these documents we will be unable to take your notice of marriage.

Letters from owner/occupiers must give your full name and address and must state you have lived there for 7 days and that the person writing the letter is the owner/occupier of dwelling and must be signed and dated by them.

Confirmation of Marital Status (if applicable)
  • Decree Absolute
  • Death Certificate and Marriage Certificate
Please note that if the divorce was obtained outside the British Isles, a fee will be payable either to the Superintendent Registrar for £50, or to the Registrar General of £75 for their consideration.
If the Decree Absolute is in a foreign language we must also see a translation of the document. This does not have to be a legal translation but whoever does the translation must sign the document and confirm that it is a translation of the original document. They must also give their contact details.
Confirmation of Change of Name (if applicable)
  • Change of name document
Immigration Status
  • EU Passport or UK Biometric Residence Permit or Valid Visa
  • Valid Home Office endorsement
  • Valid UK residence permit 
If you do not have any of these, and in your current passport where applicable, your application to get married will be referred to the Home Office

Once you have given notice of marriage or civil partnership, the information you have supplied is displayed on our public notice board for a period of 28 clear days. You are able to get married or form a civil partnership on any suitable day after the 28 days have expired and the notice is valid for a period of 12 months.

For some people from outside the European Union, the waiting period may be extended to 70 days. This is a decision that will be taken by the Home Office after notice has been given and they will contact you should this happen. These applicants may also need to provide additional documents when giving notice. Ask us for full details before making an appointment with us.

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