Children, families and community health complaints

Your feedback counts

We want to provide good quality services to our service users but sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens we need to know so that we can put it right and learn from what you say. 
We would also like to hear from you if you have a comment or suggestion that would help us to improve our services, or if you think something works well.

We are committed to putting you, our customers first. That means we're always pleased to hear what you have to say about the services we provide, whether you are a Child, Grandparent, Resident or Social Worker.

By letting us know what you think - when we are doing a good job and when you think we can do better - you'll be helping us to improve the Council for everybody. 

Before making your complaint 

Before you make a complaint, you should get in touch with the person who is your normal contact. This might be a social worker, key worker, teacher or foster parent.

Hopefully, they will be able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. If they can’t, or you are still not happy, you can register your complaint using the online form below:

Adult social services and children services complaint form

Alternatively, you can notify us in writing to:

The Complaints Manager
Children, Families and Community Health         
Swindon Borough Council
Wat Tyler West (Ground)
Beckhampton Street

Tel: 01793 463302

Help with making a complaint

If you are a young person in care, or a disabled young person, the Complaints Manager can arrange for someone to help you through the complaints process. This person (who is known as an 'Advocate') will not tell you what to say and will not tell you whether you’re right or wrong. They will just listen to the points you wish to make and then help you make them. They will also make sure your complaint is listened to, help you understand any information you receive and explain to you what is going on.

If you want to appoint your own 'Advocate' an organisation called 'Voice' can help you. Voice is a major advocacy organisation for children in need or who are living away from home and provides a national helpline. This service is totally independent from the Council. Please see the Voice website for details.

The Complaints Manager can also give help to anyone who needs it, can explain the complaints process provide information about the progress in dealing with your complaint.

Further information

Information on comments, complaints and compliments received about childrens social care and community health services in 2016-2017, is contained in the following report: 


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