Daycare nurseries

These are suited to parents who need childcare for their under fives either full-time or part-time at times between 8.00am and 6.00pm all year round.

Some daycare nurseries also offer out-of-school childcare which is useful for working families with children of both pre-school and school age. 

Daycare nurseries offer children (including disabled children) the opportunity to learn, play with other children and get ready for school.

Registration and inspection

All are registered and inspected by Ofsted and have qualified staff.

School admissions

In the Borough of Swindon, where a child attends a nursery does not determine where the child will go to school.

Baby places

These are limited. Parents are advised to plan their childcare arrangements well ahead of their return to work date in order to secure a place at the nursery of their choice.

Older children

Nursery places for older children are generally widely available. although forward planning is still advisable.

Funded early education

All daycare nurseries in Swindon offer free funded early education for three- and four-year-olds.

In some cases this is offered alongside a package of childcare for which parents must pay. Some offer standalone funded early education sessions for parents who do not wish to pay additional charges.

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