Domestic abuse - Help and advice

Additional help and support

  • Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service
    • 24-hour helpline - 01793 610610
    • Website: SDASS
  • Swindon Borough Council - Housing Options
    • Phone: 01793 440053
  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline
  • Swindon & Wiltshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
  • Men's Advice Line
  • Galop support for LGBT+
    • Phone: 0800 999 5428
    • Website: Galop
  • Action on Elder Abuse
  • The Honour Network (Karma Nirvana) - for victims of honour-based violence
  • Female Genital Mutilation (NSPCC) 
    • Phone: 0808 800 8000
    • Website: NSPCC
  • Forced Marriage Campaign
  • Southall Black Sisters - for Asian and African Caribbean women experiencing domestic abuse 
  • Childline     
  • The Hideout, for children and young people

If you would like support for your family you can contact:

  • The Early Help Hub
    • Phone: 01793 466903 (option 1)
  • The Swindon Local Offer

If you are concerned about how you treat your partner, you can get help to change or modify your behaviour by contacting:

  • Open2Change -  a programme to support you in Swindon
  • Respect Phoneline

Leaving no trace of your visit to this page

You can cover your tracks online if you are scared your abuser will see you have visited this page.

When you visit websites, your computer or device logs the details of your visit. It creates a copy of the pages you have looked at in your temporary Internet files.

You can delete both the history of visited websites and the temporary Internet files from your computer. The way you do this varies depending on the type and version of web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) you are using. You can check how to do this through a simple Google search, or in the online help/support for your browser. Often, you can find ‘delete functions’ or 'History' options in your browser's ‘Tools’ menu.

You can also switch your browser to 'private' or 'incognito' mode, which means it doesn't log the details of your website visits.

While deleting your temporary Internet Files and history will help reduce the likelihood of discovery, it may not completely cover your tracks. If you want to be completely sure of not being tracked online, the safest way is to access the internet at your local library, a friend’s house, at work or an iplus point.

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