Voluntary commercial dog walker registration

Commercial dog walkers do not currently fall under any legislation. In order to promote best practice and support reputable local businesses, the Council have introduced voluntary registration for commercial dog walkers.

Registered businesses agree to comply with an agreed code of conduct and support their ability to do so through the application process. A list of registered businesses are available to view below.

How to apply

Businesses interested in registering as a commercial dog walker must download, print and complete the application form below.

All necessary supporting documentation must be attached to the application along with the fee of £50. This provides three years registration.

Please ensure that you have read the Dog Walkers Code of Conduct (PDF) and Terms and Conditions (PDF) before you apply.

If you have any further queries before applying, please contact the Council at dogwarden@swindon.gov.uk

How to pay

Please call 01793 466080 during office hours to make a payment.

Current registered commercial dog walkers

The list is reviewed and updated throughout the year. Some businesses may not be listed due to the way the booking is made or because they do not wish to appear.

All registered walkers will have an identification card. If a walker cannot produce their identification when requested, it may mean they are not registered.

Not all commercial dog walkers may be registered and there is no legal requirement to do so. However, those that are registered have agreed to comply with the code of conduct which includes restricting the number of dogs they can walk at a time and ensures they have adequate insurance.

If you have concerns about a business

If you are concerned a registered walker is not complying with the code of conduct or you wish to make a complaint, please email: dogwarden@swindon,gov.uk with as much information as possible.

If substantiated complaints are received about a business, the dog walker may be removed from the available list and in serious circumstances, they may be prevented from reapplying.

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