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Apply for a pavement café licence

You will require a pavement cafe (highway amenity) licence if you intend setting up a cafe, bar or restaurant on a public pavement in the Borough of Swindon. You do not require a licence if you intend to set up the facility on private land, for example, not a designated highway.

To apply, you will require the following:

  • Planning Permission
  • A copy of a certificate of Public Liability Insurance for £5 million

Pavement cafe licence application form (PDF)

Annual fees

The fee depends on the size of the area being used and the period:

Licence type  Area of highway occupied

 Annual fee
(12 months)

 Seasonal fee
(6 months)
 Band 1  Up to 10 sq metres  £905.21  £449.82
 Band 2  10-20 sq metres  £1768.41  £937.13
 Band 3  Over 20 sq metres  £2632.77  £1396.31

The licence must be renewed every year. Information on renewing the licence will be sent out to you one month in advance of the expiration of the licence.

There is a special annual fee of £100 for charities, regardless of the area involved.

There are additional charges for Patio Heaters.

Pay for a pavement cafe licence online

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