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Apply for a licence to sell explosives or fireworks

To store and/or sell explosives, including fireworks, you require a relevant Licence. Different rules apply depending on the type of explosive, the quantity involved and the time of year.

Small quantities of explosives or fireworks registration

This covers quantities of less than 250kg and registration (rather than a licence) is required as long as the sales take place at these times of the year:

  • The first day of Chinese New Year and the three days before that
  • 15 October to 10 November inclusive
  • Diwali and three days before Diwali
  • 26 December to 31 December inclusive

Initial registration costs £105 and you must renew it annually at a cost of £52.

Register for or renew a 'Small Quantity' Explosives licence online

Or, download a Small Quantity Explosives Registration/Renewal Application Form (PDF) 

Pay for 'Small Quantities' Explosives Registration online

Year-round sales licence

A year round licence is required if you sell fireworks outside of the special times listed above. The licence fee is £500 per year, and you must renew it annually.

Apply for a Year-Round Explosives licence online

Or, download a Year Round Explosives Licence Application Form (PDF)

Pay for a Year-Round Licence online

Bulk storage licence

If more than 250kg of explosives or fireworks is to be stored, then a Bulk Storage Licence is required (this will normally be for a free-standing store). The licence fee is £178 and you must renew it annually at a cost of £83.

Download a Bulk Storage Explosives Application Form (PDF)  

Pay for a Bulk Storage Explosives Licence online

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