Apply for a licence to keep dangerous wild animals

Anyone who wishes to keep a dangerous wild animal must obtain a licence. Strict conditions are attached to ensure that the general public are not put at risk and that the animals are properly cared for.

A definition of a dangerous wild animal is outlined in the Dangerous Wild Animals Act on the Office of Public Sector Information website.

Apply for a Dangerous Wild Animal Licence online

How to pay

Pay for a Dangerous Wild Animal Licence online

The licence fee is £250 but the applicant or licence holder must also cover the full cost of veterinary advice and inspection. In the case of exotic animals, that may mean employing a specialist and the expense may be substantial.

We will also require proof of Public Liability Insurance which will need to cover the cost of any specialist veterinary consultancy. Decisions about the extent of any specialist assistance which is sought are entirely at the discretion of Swindon Borough Council.

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