Apply for permission to hang a banner to publicise an event

If you wish to hang a banner on pedestrian railings to publicise a local charity, non-profit or commercial event, you will need to ask for permission.

There are three sites in Swindon where hanging banners is permitted with consent:

You need to book these sites in advance and get our permission before you hang a banner. You can book a site for a maximum of three weeks and choose any or all of the three sites. We approve applications on a first come, first served basis.

You need to pay a fee to publicise a commercial event. The fee depends on the number of sites and the length of time you want to hang the banner. You do not need to pay any fee if you are publicising a charity or non-profit event.

Fee for commercial event

One banner site

  • One week: £53.35
  • Two weeks: £87.90
  • Three weeks: £116.40

Two banner sites

  • One week: £106.70
  • Two weeks: £169.85
  • Three weeks: £232.90

Three banner sites

  • One week: £163.80
  • Two weeks: £257.10
  • Three weeks: £345.75

What you need to know before you apply

  • You cannot hang a banner for more than 28 days before the event starts
  • We reserve the right to refuse an application based on banner content
  • The maximum size of a banner is 3m (width) by 1m (height)
  • You are responsible for placing the banner safely and securely. You must secure a banner using cable ties. We will remove banners that are not secured.
  • For booking purposes, the week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. You need to take down the banner on the final Sunday of your booking.
  • If we need to remove the banner, we will charge £64.00

What you’ll need

You will need a copy of your organisation’s public liability insurance. This should be at least £5 million for applications to hang a banner. The insurance should be valid for the whole period the banner is on display.

Apply for permission to hang a banner

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