Apply for a temporary traffic regulation order or restriction notice

A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) is made by the council when we need to temporarily close or restrict a highway for planned roadworks. You need to apply at least 12 weeks before the proposed start date of the planned roadworks.

A temporary traffic restriction notice (TTRN) is made by the council when we need to temporarily close or restrict a highway for emergency roadworks. A TTRN is normally issued for five days. However, we may issue it for up to 21 days if we find any risk to public safety.

Duration of closure or restriction

The maximum duration of a closure or restriction for a TTRO depends on the type of closure or restriction you are applying for.

Types of closure and their maximum durations are:

  • Road closure - 18 months
  • Footway closure - 18 months
  • Footpath closure - 6 months
  • Cyclepath closure - 6 months
  • Bridleway closure - 6 months
  • Parking restriction - 18 months
  • Weight restriction - 18 months
  • Speed restriction - 18 months
  • Suspension of existing restriction - 18 months
  • One way restriction - 18 months

Application fee

  • Temporary traffic regulation order for planned roadworks - £1,837
  • Temporary traffic restriction notice for emergency roadworks - £631.40

What you’ll need

During your application, you will need to upload a copy of your:

Application fee is non-refundable.

What you need to know before you apply

  • You need to notify all residents, businesses and public buildings authorities that will be affected by the roadworks. You need to write a letter to advise them of the works and their access rights at least three weeks before the closure or restriction. You should also give them supervisor contact details.
  • You should display notices and signs at least two weeks before the road or footpath closure or restriction. You should also include a contact number on warning signs so that a member of public can phone if they need more information.
  • You need to maintain pedestrian access to the front of properties during a closure or restriction.
  • You should not use the closed or restricted road to park your work vehicles. You can take a vehicle to a closed or restricted road only when it is required for the works.
  • In the traffic management plan, you should clearly show the length of the road or footpath you propose to close or restrict. You should also give details of the traffic signs and diversion routes in the plan.
  • You need to make sure that the provision, operation and maintenance of all signs, lighting and guarding of the works is according to the requirements of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Chapter 8 of the current Traffic Manual, Safety at Street Works and Road Work Code of Practice.
  • You must remove all temporary signs from the highway after you complete the work. You also need to restore signs or markings on the highway to their original state.

Apply for a temporary traffic regulation order

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