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Community Champion questions and answers

Can anyone sign up to be a Community Champion?

Yes, as long as you are over the age of 18, live in Swindon and are able to access emails and online sessions you can apply.

What will be my role as a Community Champion?

Community Champions will act as a link between Swindon Borough Council and their local communities. They will receive evidence based public health information to pass on to friends, family and local networks to support people making informed decisions and to tackle any misinformation that can circulate in local communities.

What skills will I need to become a Community Champion?

Community Champions must listen to their local communities without judgement and communicate their needs to Swindon Borough Council. They will  be passionate about the health and wellbeing of Swindon residents and be committed to representing their local community. They must have strong communication skills to be able to pass on information clearly without diluting or altering the message.

Once I become a Community Champion, how will I be expected to share information with my networks?

Community Champions can be creative with how they pass on information and gather the opinions of their local communities. You will be told all of the information that you need to know and will have the opportunity to ask experts any questions that you or your community may have.

How will you keep us updated with the latest information and guidance?

Community Champions will be sent information via email, newsletters and exclusive online sessions.

Do I require training?

No formal training is necessary. You can apply to become a Community Champion even if it is your first time volunteering.

How can I apply to become a Community Champion?

Go to the application form on the Community Champions webpage.

What do I do if I can no longer be a Community Champion?

You can email us at any time if you can no longer be a Community Champion, and we will make sure you are taken off our database within 5 working days. Email:

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