Swindon living safely and fairly with COVID-19 plan

The Swindon Living Safely and Fairly with COVID-19 Plan replaces the Swindon Local Outbreak Management Plan and provides a framework for how we will live safely and fairly with COVID-19 in Swindon.

The plan builds on what we have learnt over the past two years and sets out how, within the new national context, we will prevent, protect, treat and respond to localised outbreaks and any national resurgence of COVID-19; communicate and engage with our communities; utilise monitoring and surveillance information and take broader action to address inequalities. 

The Swindon Living Safely and Fairly with COVID-19 Plan will be kept under review, in line with changes in national guidance and changes in our understanding of COVID-19. As with all our COVID-19 plans, it is iterative and will be updated and developed over time.

Public Health COVID-19 Lessons Learned report

During 2022 we facilitated a number of ‘lessons learned’ workshops on different themes relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshops aimed to review how Public Health worked with key partners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and identify any lessons learnt to inform current and future responses and practice.

The COVID-19 Lessons Learned report provides an overview of the discussions that took place during these workshops as well as the associated recommendations that were drawn from them.

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