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Secondary School Places

Secondary School Admissions – September 2014

Unless you decide to educate your child at home, your child must be in school the term following their fifth birthday. For example, if your child was born between:

  • 1 September 2003 and 31 August 2004 they can start Secondary School in September 2015.
  • 1 September 2000 and 31 August 2001 they can start UTC Swindon (Year 10 in September 2015)

Places can be applied for using our online system or by hard copy application form. When applying online you will receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been received. Please note that if you apply using a hard copy application form, the Admissions Team do not acknowledge receipt of these, but parents can contact the Team by phone or email to find out if the application has been received.

Applications for places in September 2015 have a closing date of 31st October 2014. Applications received after this date will be treated as late and will not be considered until after all ontime applications have been considered and allocated a school place.

Even if you think you have registered your child with a school, you still need to follow the application process and ensure that you submit an application before the closing date.

You can apply for places in three named schools (three preferences). These can be within, or outside, the Borough of Swindon. The Admissions Team encourages parents to use all three preferences to ensure they maximise their chances of being allocated one of their preferred schools.

Please note however, the offer of a preferred school place is dependent on the number of applications received and the number of places available. Priority for places will be determined by the individual school’s admission criteria.

For more information and to Access the Online System, visit the How to Apply page. 

Offer Day

The Secondary Offer Day is Monday 2nd March 2015. All parents will be sent a letter which will be posted by second class post on 2nd March 2015. If you applied online and requested an email to advise you of the offer, you will receive this on 2nd March 2015. Please be advised that no information regarding the offer of a place can be given before this date. Information can only be given to the person who made the application.

What To Do Next

Once you have received the offer of your school place, please return the reply slip to accept the place.
To accept the offer of a Swindon school, please return the reply slip directly to the school, however if you have been offered a school place outside Swindon, please return this to the School Admissions Team.

If you are not happy with the school that has been offered to you, you can appeal against the decision. More information can be found on the School Admissions Appeals webpage.

If you wish to submit a change of preference to be considered for a different school, you can submit this in writing by completing the following form or by emailing 

Please clearly indicate your child’s details and what you wish your new preferences to be. We are not able to take away an existing place until another school can be offered, therefore you should include the school you have been allocated as your last preference.

The School Admissions team can advise whether places are available at schools within the Swindon area.

Admission Arrangements

If you are making an application for September 2015, please see the following page for further details on School Admissions Arrangements 2015-16

Education Transport Policy

When making a decision to apply for a school, consideration should be taken about how the child will travel to school. In certain circumstances, school transport may be provided.

Further information can be found on the School Travel Support page.

Further Information

If you have any questions about applying for a Secondary School place please contact us.

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