School places and admissions in Swindon

The Swindon School Admissions Team handles applications for children due to start school for the first time (e.g. starting Reception, transferring to Junior or Secondary School) and transfers during the school year (known as in-year transfers).

Admissions for september 2016

Parents can apply for a school place from Tuseday, 1 September 2015.

For the following types of applications, please see Primary School Places where you can make your online application.

  • applying to start a Primary or Infant School for the first time (to join Year 0) 
  • applying to transfer from an Primary or Infant to a Junior School (to join Year 3)

For the following types of applications, please see Secondary School Places where you can make your online application.

  • applying to transfer from a Primary or Junior School to a Secondary School (to join Year 7) 
  • applying to transfer to a University Technical College (to join Year 10)

In-year applications

If your child is of school age you and your child is not attending school or you wish them to transfer to another school in Swindon, you need to make an in-year application.

  • You can apply for a school place by using the in-year application form (PDF). Alternatively you can obtain this form from any Swindon school or customer services. There is no online facility for in-year applications.
  • If your child currently attends a Swindon school, the form must be signed by the Head Teacher of your child’s current school prior to submission to the school admissions team.
  • If your child’s previous school was outside the United Kingdom, you should visit customer services to make your application. Please bring your child’s passport and visa with you. You can only make your application if your child is resident with you in the country.
  • You should allow two school weeks for your application to be processed.
  • Applications are not processed during the school holidays so you should make your application in plenty of time allowing 2 school weeks for consideration.
  • You should make enquiries with the school admissions team to check the availability of places prior to application.
  • Applications will be considered using the 2015 Admissions Policies 

Applying for a place in a school sixth form

The admissions team do not co-ordinate applications for sixth form admissions. If you wish to apply for a place in a sixth form, you should contact the school directly to request admission.

Annual report

The annual local authority report (PDF) made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator, is available to view or download.

Schools population

The school population brochure (PDF) is available to view or download for further information.

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