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School Places

Swindon Borough Council is consulting upon the admission arrangements for Community and Voluntary Schools and Co-ordinated scheme for the 2015-16 academic year. For further details, please go to the Current Consultation webpage.

School Admissions - September 2014

For full details, including how to apply, please see Primary School Places and Secondary School Places

Applications will be considered according to the School Admissions Arrangements 2014-15

In-Year Admissions 

If you wish your child to transfer into a Swindon school during the school year you need to complete an In year application form. If your child already attends a Swindon school, then this form must be signed by the head teacher at the current school before it is submitted. You should usually allow two school weeks for an application to be processed. However, if you are applying at the beginning or end of a school term, please be aware that this may take longer due to the volume of applications being handled. Applications cannot normally be processed during school holidays.

Swindon School Admissions no longer handle applications for children who wish to transfer in-year to a school outside of Swindon. You are advised to contact the school directly or the local authority where the school is situated.

In year applications are considered according to the School Admissions Arrangements 2013-14

Schools Population

The School Population Brochure (for 2014) is available to view or download for further information.

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