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Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony can be held for a baby or for older children or both at the same time. You can even hold the ceremony directly after a marriage or renewal of vows ceremony.

It has no legal status but is something that you arrange as a celebratory occasion for you and your family.

Our service is personalised to allow you the opportunity to make this a unique event for you, your family and friends.

Naming Ceremony Venues

A Naming Ceremony can be held at the Swindon Register Office or at any of the approved venues within the Borough of Swindon.

The Ceremony

The ceremony will usually last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on what options you choose.

You can decide who takes part - e.g. you might want to involve siblings, special adults and/or grandparents.

Religious content is not allowed.

The usual sequence of events is as follows, although this can be amended according to your wishes:

  1. An introduction
  2. You, as the parents, name the child (or children) and perhaps explain why you have chosen these names
  3. You make promises about how you will bring up your child. Invited special adults make different promises, chosen by you or them, and grandparents can also make promises to the child and to you
  4. Reading(s) and/or poetry
  5. Towards the end of the ceremony all those present will sign the commemorative certificate of the occasion, which you can keep

What we Provide

  • The services of one of our trained celebrants to welcome you and your guests and conduct the ceremony
  • Personalised order of service for your guests
  • Individual naming ceremony script for you to keep
  • Celebratory certificate
  • Guest record for your family and friends to sign to show that they were present

How to Book

Please contact the Registration Service to discuss a venue, date and time.

We will then arrange for you to pay a deposit, and we'll give you pack to help you decide what words you wish to include in the ceremony.

Availability and Fees

This depends on when and where the ceremony takes place:

Venue​ Days ​ Fee ​
The Garden Room​ Monday to Thursday​ £170​
The Garden Room​ ​Friday ​£190
The Garden Room​ ​Saturday ​£206
The Juno Room​ ​Monday to Thursday £108​
The Juno Room​ ​Friday £129​
Approved Premises​ Monday to Thursday​ £180 ​
Approved Premises ​ Friday​ £200 ​
Approved Premises​ Saturday​ £226​
Approved Premises​ ​Sunday ​£258

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