Amazing new mural revealed in town centre

A stunning new mural, commissioned by Swindon Borough Council, has been unveiled on Princes Street in the town centre.

Published: Monday, 5th July 2021

Princes Street town centre mural revealed

The artwork covers an old wall just next to the Rendezvous restaurant and provides a great view for people walking or driving by and those waiting for the bus just across the road.

Created by Peter Cowdy and Caryn Koh from Artsite, the work represents Swindon and its amazing natural spaces from across the town including GWR Park and Queen’s Park located in the town centre. The work even incorporates one of the trees above it, if you stand at the right angle.

This is one of many new murals that have popped up across the town centre in recent weeks that welcome people back to the area after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter said: “We picked features such as the trees growing above, the grassy bank to the right side and the flowing traffic in front as ways of helping set the mural in place with its surroundings.

“We created a scene showing a character relaxing in what could be one of Swindon’s many beautiful green spaces, flanked by some recognisable Swindon structures and the familiar local site of rolling tree covered horizons.

“We would like to thank all the people who passed by and spoke with us, your positivity and reception to art in public will inspire more.

“Huge thanks to Artsite who have initiated a vibrant transformation of Theatre Square and its surrounding area, also inSwindon for continued support and the Swindon Borough Council staff who made this project come to be.”

Anita Bellinger, inSwindon BID Director, said: “inSwindon BID is delighted to see another amazing mural finding a home in Swindon town centre.

“Two superstar mural artists have created an image of tranquillity and thoughtfulness on Princes Street. It is an ingenious blend of artwork and existing nature, just stunning.

“We owe a big thank you to the grassroots charity Artsite, who have now helped not only inSwindon BID but Swindon Borough Council to creatively #GrowSwindon.

“Beautiful and uplifting pieces of art are springing up all around the town centre, it’s very exciting. Watch this space, there is more to come!”

Councillor Dale Heenan, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Culture, Heritage and Leisure, said: “This is another fantastic mural that will brighten up our town centre and welcome everyone back post-COVID.

“Peter and Caryn show that Swindon has talented artists and the attention to detail in the new mural is amazing. Speaking with Caryn, even the subject of the mural is local!

“I want us to be proud of Swindon, to be more positive and these murals are just the start of making our town centre a place for everyone to visit, whether that’s for shopping, dining or leisure.”

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