Council scheme to improve road safety around local schools begins its second year

Fifteen new schools will benefit from the Council’s School Safe Environment Zone Scheme (SSEZ) over the next year.

Published: Thursday, 1st July 2021

Image of Councillor Parry by the Wichelstowe School Street

Since launching in October 2020, an initial 15 schools have already seen a range of behavioural change initiatives, engineering and enforcement measures introduced to improve road safety outside and on the approach to each school. This has included school ‘keep clear’ markings, single and double yellow lines, flashing amber school signs, and the introduction of Swindon’s first trial School Street.

This year, an annual budget of £100,000, funded by Swindon Borough Council, will again be used to introduce similar measures to a further 15 new schools across Swindon. Behavioural change initiatives, engineering and enforcement measures could again include flashing amber signs, waiting restrictions and cycling facilities, and possible further School Streets.

A package of measures designed to encourage behavioural change in parents and pupils at these schools, as well as staff, local residents and other drivers, could include five-minute walk zones, Park ‘n’ Stride, anti-idling and air quality toolkits and pupil sign design competitions.

The design of each SSEZ will be bespoke to the circumstances, characteristics and location of each school as well as the current behaviours of pupils and parents or carers. The delivery of any initiatives within the SSEZ programme will be dependent on whether they are deliverable, affordable and have community support. 

An assessment was completed across all schools in Swindon to accurately determine the improvements needed and to prioritise schools requiring the most support. Assessment factors included the type of school, the type and condition of its approach road and the availability of cycle routes and footpaths. Other factors included the number of pupils at the school, concerns raised by parents, residents, councillors and schools themselves, as well as data in relation to road traffic collisions involving children on their way to or from school.

The 15 schools selected for inclusion in this year’s programme (2021-2022) include:

  • Swindon Academy (Penhill Primary School)
  • Even Swindon Primary School
  • Abbey Meads Primary School
  • The Ridgeway School
  • Wroughton Junior School
  • Gorse Hill Infant/Junior School
  • St Catherine's RC Primary School
  • Seven Fields Primary School
  • Westrop Primary School
  • Ruskin Junior School
  • South Marston CE Primary School
  • Shaw Ridge Primary School
  • Mountford Manor Primary
  • Eastrop Infant Academy
  • Bridlewood Primary School

Councillor Kevin Parry, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Service Delivery, Waste & Transport, said: “Over the past year, a lot of work has been undertaken, with great success, to improve the safety of roads around local schools, which present a potential danger to children, particularly at busy times of the day.

“Following the success of last year’s programme, we look forward to building relationships and working with the 15 new schools chosen for this year, to help make the areas around their schools as safe as possible, while educating pupils and teachers about the importance of road safety.”

If residents of the streets around the listed schools above would like to share any concerns, they can do so by emailing More information can be found by visiting the Council website:

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