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Updates on council services, health advice, and support available for residents and businesses.

Council deploys crack teams to protect public and advise businesses during lockdown

Swindon Borough Council has deployed teams of people to protect the public and issue advice to businesses to help them navigate the rules during the lockdown.

Published: Monday, 30th November 2020
Town centre and DMJ

The Council’s Licensing department Trading Standards and Environmental Health teams have been liaising closely with businesses and licensed premises in Swindon, offering support and advice where necessary, to ensure they understand the rules.

The COVID marshals are still carrying out regular patrols across town with Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from Wiltshire Police to provide advice and support to those who need it. As well as speaking to businesses, the marshals have been encouraging the public to follow safety measures such as social distancing, wearing face coverings in appropriate settings and hand washing.

The Council has so far been taking a collaborative approach to engaging with residents and businesses, but powers of enforcement are available.

To date the Council has issued 14 Prohibition Notices to a wide range of businesses, including national and regional chains, and one Fixed Penalty Notice of £1,000 has been handed out to a barber flouting the law.

Steve Maddern, Swindon Borough Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “This joined-up approach, involving various service areas from right across the organisation, has seen the Council giving words of advice and support to residents and businesses to ensure they fully understand the current rules.

“We are responding to enquiries and queries from businesses every day, often using our contacts with partners to give firm and clear answers. We are also receiving reports from members of the public about businesses flouting the rules and every report is followed up.

“COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Swindon and the simple truth is that halting this depends on each of us doing the right thing for ourselves and our communities. That means each of us taking responsibility for knowing what we need to do to in the different situations we could find ourselves in, plus knowing where to go for support and help.”

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