Swindon residents must bring a form of ID to vote at the local elections next week (Thursday 3 May)

Swindon residents are reminded that the local elections are only one week away and take place on Thursday, 3 May.

Published: Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Swindon residents are reminded that the local elections are only one week away and take place on Thursday, 3 May.

Swindon is one of five local authorities taking part in a voter identification pilot at this year’s local elections. This means voters who are registered to vote in a Swindon Borough polling station must bring one of the approved items as a form of ID to be able to vote.

The poll card is the best and most convenient form of ID for residents to use as it contains a barcode that is unique to the individual. The barcode will be scanned at the polling station and allow the resident’s identity to be authenticated and place their vote quickly.

If a resident loses or forgets their poll card, they can bring any one of the following forms of identification which will also be accepted:

  • Passport (UK, EU, Commonwealth) (can be expired or unexpired)
  • Photocard driving licence including a provisional licence (UK, Crown Dependency or EU)
  • Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card
  • Biometric Immigration Document
  • EEA Identity Card

If a resident does not have any of these forms of identification they can also be attested. Attestation can be used by two residents who vote at the same polling station. To have an identity attested, one resident must have already voted and had their ID verified before they can vouch for the identity of the other resident and allow them to vote.

Replacement poll cards can also be issued if a resident has no other form of ID and cannot be attested. A new poll card can be requested by contacting Electoral Services at elecreg@swindon.gov.uk or 01793 445500. Replacement poll cards can be issued up until 5pm on election night. Please note: poll cards ordered within the week of the election will be available for collection only.

Electoral Services Manager Sally Sprason said: “It’s important that residents remember to keep their poll card safe for 3 May as the election is only one week away now.

“I would recommend that residents make sure they have their poll card, another form of ID or have ordered a new poll card before 3 May so they are prepared and can on election day without any worries.

“We would also ask residents to look out for friends and family and remind them to bring their ID, especially if you know someone who may forget easily or may have trouble understanding the instructions on their poll card”

Voter ID pilot


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