Changes to waste and recycling services come into effect in bid to improve recycling across Swindon

Recycling is now compulsory in Swindon as part of a drive to increase the amount of household waste that is reused.

Published: Tuesday, 6th August 2019

The change has been introduced to help protect the environment and move Swindon towards the Government target of 60 per cent recycling by 2029. It was agreed as part of the Council’s Waste Strategy last year which included a range of measures to encourage residents to recycle more and waste less.

Currently only 40 per cent of waste produced by residents is recycled using the correct containers. It is hoped this new initiative will encourage those who don’t recycle to take it up alongside the many who already do.

Residents are being asked to present all of their recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, cans, glass bottles and jars in the appropriate boxes instead of the black wheelie bin/blue bag.

The Council’s waste wardens will be working with residents who do not recycle, providing helpful advice and, where necessary, encouraging participation with formal enforcement.

In June the Council also announced that charges for additional or replacement recycling boxes would come into effect from August. Residents were given a month grace period to order additional boxes for free which many took up and we hope this means those residents will now be recycling more.

The introduced fee will cover the cost of ordering, storing and delivering the boxes and will not produce an income for the Council.

The recycling boxes will carry a charge of £5 for the box and £2 for the lid, these can be purchased individually or together via the Council’s website. Any households who can provide evidence that they currently receive 80 per cent or more council tax reduction will be given a concessionary fee.

The charges will not affect the first occupiers of new build properties as they will continue to be supplied with two recycling boxes as standard.

Replacement boxes will only be provided free of charge if our crews damage any boxes on their rounds. The crews will report this on the vehicles online system and whenever possible residents will receive a note advising them of this.

Councillor Maureen Penny, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment, said: “We are hopeful that the changes we are making to Swindon’s waste services will help us to achieve the best possible environmental and economic outcomes for the town over the next decade.

“We are confident that our residents will support us as we start making the necessary steps towards becoming more sustainable and ensuring that our waste is dealt with in the most responsible way.”

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