Will Stone has been elected to represent Swindon North

The Labour Party candidate, Will Stone, has been elected to represent Swindon North Constituency following yesterday’s (4 July) general election.

Published: Friday, 5th July 2024

Swindon North election

Mr Stone received 17,930 votes with The Conservative candidate, Justin Tomlinson, receiving 13,827 votes.

The Liberal Democrat candidate, Flo Clucas, received 2,086 votes. The Independent candidate, Debbie Hicks, received 260 votes, and the Green Party candidate, Andy Bentley, received 2,366 votes.

Les Willis, representing Reform UK, received 7,557 votes, and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate, Scott Hunter, received 139 votes.

Turnout for the constituency was 60.48 per cent, and 124 ballot papers were rejected.

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