Southern Connector Road

A new road known as the Southern Connector Road (SCR) will provide a link between the New Eastern Villages (NEV) and Commonhead roundabout, near the Great Western Hospital.

The two-way single carriageway will be 1.5 miles long and design options have been assessed and put out to public consultation. The design has been informed by traffic modelling which indicates a road of this size will be sufficient to cater for demand generated by the full NEV development. A dual carriageway is not viable as there are the physical constraints of archaeology and utilities in the area.

This scheme was awarded £19m from the Housing Infrastructure Fund in November 2019 and £11.6m from the Local Growth Fund (LGF) and Department for Transport (DfT) in May 2021. This scheme is totally funded and will not require any additional borrowing for the council.

A planning application, accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment, was approved by Planning Committee in December 2019.

Southern Connector Road considerations

To prevent rat-running, the proposed junction with Wanborough Road will be designed to prevent southbound traffic on the SCR turning left towards Wanborough. It will also prevent traffic from Wanborough turning right onto the SCR. The need for traffic calming in surrounding villages will continue to be assessed as development proposals come forward.

The road will be designed to avoid known areas of high archaeological interest. Measures will also be put in place to safeguard wildlife, particularly endangered species. As part of the road crosses a flood zone, drainage is an important element of the design. The Environment Agency is a key partner helping us develop flood mitigation measures.

We considered making the SCR a dual carriageway, also adding a bus lane, but this was not feasible due to financial and archaeology constraints.

Most of the road will be built on privately-owned land and negotiations with landowners to acquire are progressing.

You can view a detailed map of what the junction will look like in the document below:

When will the work be done?

The work will start in Winter 2020 and is due to be completed in Summer 2023.

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