Report a health and safety concern

If you see something in a workplace that you think is breaking health and safety law and is likely to cause serious harm, you can report it. Before you do this you might find it useful to check what your employer should be doing to keep their workplace safe and healthy. You can do this on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

Who should it be reported to?

As there are a number of organisations that deal with health and safety, you should firstly check the list on the Health and Safety Executive website to see which one is right for you. It may also be possible to resolve some health and safety problems straight away by:

  • speaking to the person in charge of the work
  • speaking to your employer
  • speaking to your union or employee representative

However, if you think you still need to report the problem to us, you can use the following online form via My Account: 

Report a health and safety concern

When we can’t help

We won’t always be able to look into your problem.

This could be because:

  • it’s something we’re not responsible for
  • you haven’t given us enough information for us to make an assessment on what is wrong, who is doing it and where
  • it does not meet the HSE criteria for investigation
  • you are reporting it for someone else (unless they are a child)
  • we can’t help you get compensation or help you take someone to court

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