Food safety self-assessment

The food safety self-assessment asks questions about various aspects of your food business and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Why do we need this information?

Self-assessment questionnaires are an important part of our enforcement approach. It helps us to maintain positive contact with local, low-risk food businesses. It also helps us to understand how you deal with your food activity and food safety as your business matures and changes over time. This complies with Food Law and Code of Practice Guidance and helps us assess whether a visit to your business is necessary.

What happens with the information you provide?

When you submit a questionnaire, we will log and consider your responses. If your business activity has not really changed since our last contact, and you are still considered ‘low risk’, we will not contact you until your next inspection date which will be in approximately 3 years’ time.

Alternatively, if we require further information from you or we think it is necessary to visit your business, we will do so in due course.

Self-assessment questionnaires

The questionnaires below relate to the three areas of low-risk business. If you have received a letter or email from us asking you to complete and send a questionnaire, you will need to use the relevant online form below:

Food safety assessment for catering businesses

Food safety assessment for retail businesses

Food safety assessment for childminders

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