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Placements into mainstream schools

Special provision in Swindon - special educational needs (SEN)

A booklet has been designed for parents/carers, head-teachers, teachers, and staff in schools and agencies in the Borough of Swindon.  It is a summary of the in-Borough continuum of provision available for children and young people with special educational needs. The booklet contains descriptions of the current admission criteria for each Special Resourced Provision (SRP) in a mainstream school and the special schools. This will enable parents, professionals and pupils to make informed choices about provision in the Borough.

The SEN Continuum booklet is available to download on the Schools Online website.

Non-maintained and independent schools

If you think your child should attend a non-maintained school or an independent school you can suggest the name of the school and tell us why you think that school is appropriate.

A list of non-maintained special schools and independent schools approved by the Secretary of State for Education is available on the government website:

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