Bookstart, part of BookTrust, gifts free books to all children to inspire in them a love of reading and to help families read together. This happens in two stages. Every child is entitled to receive a Bookstart Baby Pack (for ages 0-12 months) and a Bookstart Treasure Bag (for 3 - 4 year olds). Packs are given to families by their Health Visitor.

If English is not your first language, you may be able to get a book in another language as part of your Bookstart packs and there is also guidance available in certain languages. Please ask your Health Visitor.

A set amount of packs and resources for children with additional needs is given to each local authority. Ask your Health Visitor about Bookshine (for children who are deaf), Booktouch (for children who are blind or partially sighted) and Bookstart Star (for children with conditions affecting their fine motor skills). Bookstart is for every child, so families are entitled to any of these packs in addition to the two standard Bookstart packs.


Want a fun way to get children excited about reading? Join the annual Pyjamarama party!

Every June, Bookstart hold their Pyjamara week, encouraging children around the country in schools, nurseries and at home to spend an amazing day in their pyjamas. Swindon Libraries celebrate this week by holding extra special storytimes and craft activities.

Further information

Bookstart is run by Booktrust - an independent charity - and funded by the Department for Education and sponsorship from more than 25 children's publishers.

For more details please see the Bookstart website

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