Make choices for your ceremony

Once you have given notice to marry or form a civil partnership, you will need to decide on the details of your ceremony.

Whether your ceremony will be in the Garden Room, Juno Room, or at one of our other approved premises in Swindon, you can let us know about your choices through an online form.

First, you should read our ceremony choices booklet (PDF). This takes you through the things you need to think about before the big day, what information we need from you, and how you can make your ceremony personal to you.

You only get one chance to complete the form, and cannot make changes afterwards. This means you need to be certain about your choices before you complete the form. There is a list of things you'll need to tell us below.

The form should be completed, and any outstanding balance paid, at least one month before your ceremony. 

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your requirements, you can contact us:

What you'll tell us in the form

Before you complete the form, make sure you are certain about all the points below. You can't edit the form once you have submitted it.

You'll need to let us know the following about each partner:

  • Full personal details (name and contact details)
  • Whether you would like to enter before or after guests have arrived
  • Whether you will be walking up the aisle and, if so, who will be with you
  • Whether someone will be giving you away and, if so, who it will be
  • Whether you'll be giving a ring

About the ceremony itself, we'll want to know:

  • When it is (date, time, place)
  • Whether you would like to be kept separate before the ceremony
  • Whether or not you'll enter the ceremony together
  • How you'd like to be announced at the end of the ceremony
  • Whether you'll be having readings and, if so, what they are and who'll they'll be read by(you need to provide the full text)
  • The number of witnesses and their names
  • Whether you're having a photographer and/or videographer and, if so, what their names are
  • Whether you'll be providing your own music and, if so, how
  • Whether you have children you want to mention in the ceremony and, if so, what their names are
  • Whether you wish to make additional promises or write your own vows to each other
  • Whether you want to say ring vows to each other
  • Whether you would like non-legal celebratory certificates for an additional fee

Make choices for your ceremony

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