Transitions - preparing for adulthood

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a time of celebration, change and challenges for all young people between 13 and 25 years old. Careful planning for this process is key to helping all young people make decisions about their future: about their career, their continuing education, their social life and where they might like to live. Having access to timely and comprehensive information, advice and guidance can be enough to help them reach their goals.

For disabled and vulnerable young people and those with additional needs, more support may be needed during this time from a range of services to help them to reach their full potential. Where a young person is identified as having additional needs at school, there is a statutory process known as “transition planning” that starts when the young person is in year 9.

The following online form should be completed for young people aged 14+, who are likely to transition to a service from Adult Social Care when they reach 18 years old. This will ensure that Adult Social Care can start to work with a young person from an early age and support them to plan and prepare for adulthood:

Transitions online referral form

If you need advice or help to complete this form, please contact the Learning Disability Duty Team on 01793 445500 and select Option 2.

The Transitions Strategy 2020-2024

The Transitions Strategy has been co-produced with young people, parents and carers and wider colleagues and partners such as BSW CCG and Adult Social Care.

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