Supervised family contact

Some children and young people do not always enjoy a stable family life. For this reason, where a child is in care, we can provide a supervised contact service to ensure the safety, and to preserve the emotional well-being, of the child during contact visits with their family. These visits seek to provide a safe environment where parents and children can re-establish, rebuild or develop their relationship and, overall, to enhance the long-term quality of family relationships. 

Supervised contact can also be made available to families whose children are not in care but, in these cases, the child must have a Social Worker.

Who the service is for

The service is for children and young people (up to the age of 18) who are in care, and their families.

Who can request the service

Supervised contact is requested by the child’s Social Worker and, in the majority of cases, is Court directed. The supervised contact meetings are arranged in a variety of settings appropriate to the age and vulnerabilities of the particular child. 

Please note: Members of the public cannot access this service directly, and are directed to the child’s social worker for further guidance in this.

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