Planning document copies and charges

Copies of documents

Decision notices, vendor consents, appeal decisions, section 52/106 agreements and tree preservation orders (TPO’S) are all £12.60 each. Any plans attached to these will be charged extra.

To request a copy of a planning document, please use the online form below. You will be asked to create a My Account before you can complete the form.

Request copies of planning documents


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to search for application files, microfiches, plans, decision notices.

The first half hour of research costs £25.00 and up to an hour will be £50.00 - anything longer will require a specific quote.

Request for compliance with conditions 

Fees for confirmation of compliance with conditions attached to planning permission

  • Householder applications - £34.00
  • Non-householder applications - £116.00

Any fee paid under this regulation shall be refunded if the local planning authority fails to give the written confirmation requested within a period of twelve weeks, beginning on the date on which the authority received the request.

Copies of plans 

The prices of different sized copies of plans are:

  • A4 - 61p each
  • A3 - £2.56 each
  • A2 - £5.27 each
  • A1 - £6.33 each
  • A0 - £7.66 each

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