Young carers

Young carers are children who look after someone within their family home.

This may be a parent, brother, sister of other family member who has an illness, physical or learning disability, a mental health illness or misuse of drugs or alcohol. 

A young carer usually takes on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult.

The identification of young carers is an essential step in ensuring young carers, and their families, receive the support they need, particularly ensuring that young carers do not have to provide excessive or inappropriate care.

Launch of the young carers charter

The Young Carers Charter for Swindon has been developed to ensure these children have the same rights as other children and young people.

The Young Carers Charter was drawn up by the Carers Trust. It sets out the rights to which young people are entitled. 

The launch of our Young Carer’s Charter coincides with the Young Carers Action Day which highlights the role of young carers across the country.

The charter also recognises the substantial caring tasks these children do for their families and how important it is that we support them.

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