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Early Years - Resources

2 yr progress check:
2 year progress summary blank.doc 2 year progress summary blank

Useful publications:
Children thinking mathematically
Encouraging positive behaviour in the Early Years
Finding and exploring young children's fascinations
Fundamental British Values
Guidance for Early Language Lead Practitioners
Guidelines on Physical Intervention
HI Team - Glue ear support pack January 2020
HI Team - Training video clip links; early years
IDP booklet 2 Autistic Spectrum
IDP booklet 3 Behaviour, Emotional and Social
IDP Booklet Speech and Language
Inclusion All of Us Guidance
Learning Playing and Interacting
SCID guidance 2020
SEED Meeting the needs of children with SEND in the early years - RR554
Sparky pack
Supporting children learning English as an additional language

VSSR for PVI Settings:
Supporting Parents with good HLE's - Audit EY settings
VSSR Toolkit Leadership Management - Updated Sept 2015
VSSR Toolkit Outcomes for children
VSSR Toolkit Teaching learning and assessment
VSSR Toolkit Well-Being

Prime areas of learning:
ELLP audit part 1
ELLP audit part 2
ELLP audit part 3

Adult Led Letters and Sounds
Adult led planning (childminder)
Adult Led
CP book area
CP exploration area
CP sand
CP small world
CP water
malleable materials
mark making
music area
next steps planning
Planning your environment (childminder)
role-play area

Focused Observation (childminder)
Focused Observation rev EYFS
Practice continuous provision
Practice observation - adult-led
Practice observation coefl interactions
Practice observation - organisation - what is happening

Cohort EYFS Progress Summary Chart
Cohort termly progress monitoring prime areas
EYFS Developmental Summary Chart Setting
EYFS Gap sheet 16 to 26
EYFS Gap sheet 8 to 20
EYFS Gap sheet birth to 11 months
EYFS progress summary
Group termly progress monitoring prime areas
my 22 to 36 month sheet in text boxes
my 30 to 50 month sheet in text boxes
my 40 to 60 month sheet in text boxes
Next steps for LJs
EAL leaflet
Supporting EAL

Useful SEN forms:
Behaviour Support Plan blank
Behaviour Support Plan-example
Checklist of strategies Postive Behaviour
Child Centred Response Form
Early years Behaviour Support Plan
Early Years SENCo Continuing Professional Development (2)
Evidence of Graduated Approach (2)
Graduated Approach FLOW CHART
Guidance on Physical Intervention
Individual Play Plan
My Plan
Record of SEN
Risk Assessment Form
Social stories
Speech and Language child monitoring form
STAR Behaviour Chart

SENCO handbook (including entitlement document):
Senco Handbook

SENCO Network Meetings:
Community Dental Service Wiltshire and Swindon
Early Years SENCo Network Spring 2019
Early Years SENCo Network Summer 2019
Early Years SENCo Network Spring 2020
Early Years SEND Families Forum
SEMH Team - EY Network

Leadership and management:
EY Leaders and Managers Spring Network 2019
EY Leaders and Managers Summer Network 2019

Medical needs and health visitor:
Adminstering Medicines example policy
Early Years medical needs flowchart Dec 2017
Guidance for Health care plans and Training
Health Enquiry Pathway for EY Settings and Health Visitors
Information Sharing Form for Two Year Olds
Managing Medicines Nov 07 version
Ofsted Guidance
Two Year Information Sharing Health Visitors and Early Years Foundation Stage Sept 2017

Characteristics of effective learning:
Develop SST in staff team
HANDOUT - Nurturing the Imagination sustained shared thinking

EYFS Profile:
An exploration of the Expected and Exceeding descriptors within the EYFS 2018
Interpreting and analysing EYFS data
EYFS Profile Training CL and Maths 2020
Moderation events - Headteachers

EY Coordinators
EYFS Co-ordinators network meeting Spring 2020

EYFS School Co-ordinators:
A to Z of Writing Opportunities
EYFS coordinators network Spring 2019
EY Coordinators Main Presentation
Transition Organisational Strategies
Writing Booklet MJ Updated

Blank Transition to school plan
Example Transition to school plan
Ideas for activities to support transition from Early Years to Reception class
Moving On Transition to School 2019-20
Points to consider when writing transition plans
Transition from Early Years setting to School November 2016

Drop in Sessions:

EY Drop In Sessions Sept 19 to July 20
EP EY Consent Parent-Carer