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School Management - Health and Safety

The Governors Role in Health and Safety

In local authority controlled schools (community and voluntary controlled schools) the Board of Governors may have control of the premises both during and outside the school day, and may oversee a delegated budget for some maintenance activities. They are not the employer.

Boards of Governors who are also trustees of the charity that runs the school, and/or directors of the company responsible for the school has an identical role to that of an employer.

What you need to do:

  • Take reasonable steps to make sure that the school is following the employer's policy and procedures e.g. through regular discussion at governance meetings.
  • Ensure staff receive adequate training to enable them to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Promote a sensible approach to health and safety, making use of competent health and safety advice when required. 
  • Work in close partnership with the head teacher and senior management team to support sensible health and safety management and to challenge as appropriate.

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