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School Management - Health and Safety

Policies and Insurance

Health and Safety Policy

If you employ five or more people you are required to prepare a written statement of your Health and Safety Policy, describing the organisation and arrangements you have in place for carrying out the policy

The Schools Health and Safety Policy Manual outlines how schools will manage health and safety, it outlines the schools health and safety responsibilities, and the arrangements for carrying out its legal duties. 
HSP 027 Schools Health and Safety Policy Manual
HSP 019 Schools Health and Safety Policy – Roles and Responsibilities

New Violence, Aggression and Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Recent concerns have been raised to the Council regarding violence, aggression and anti-social behaviours within schools across the country. As a result and to support existing policy documented via HSP027 Schools Health and Safety Policy Manual, the Health and Safety Department has implemented a new violence, aggression and anti-social behaviour policy to assist with managing these issues within schools. Head teachers are advised to communicate the introduction of this policy to their staff.

HSP 027-1 Managing Violence Aggression and Anti-Social Behaviour in schools


Employer's and Public Liability Insurance

Employers must take out and maintain approved insurance policies against liability for injuries or diseases to their employees caused by their work. A copy of your current Employer's Liability Insurance Certificate must be displayed at each premises. Public liability insurance certification can be made available on request.

Public Liability Insurance Certificate 2020 

Employers Liability Insurance Certificate 2020


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