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School Management - Health and Safety

Checklists and Risk Assessments

There is a general legal requirement to conduct risk assessments; in addition some legislation requires specific risks to be carried out by a competent person e.g.

* Fire

* Asbestos

* Water Hygiene

The Swindon Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service provide a number of pre-populated risk assessment check lists in an attempt to make the risk assessment process more straightforward and relatively simple. 

The generic risk assessment/check list form provided is designed to ensure that establishments comply with the law on what is required in an assessment but it is essential that each individual establishment makes this generic risk assessment their own. 
To do this, the establishment’s details need to be filled in accurately on the top of the first page – in particular the date of the assessment is significant.
The column headed ‘Control Measures in Place’ consists of a list of bullet points under headings.  This is where you will amend/delete or add bullet points until you end up with information that reflects the current situation within the establishment:

* delete anything that does not apply to your establishment

* add anything local that you have in place but is not listed

* amend each bullet point if it does not exactly describe your situation

On the last page, the ‘Assessor’s Recommendations’, you should list anything which you need to put into place with the date by which it will be done.  These action points will, once completed, become part of the ‘Control Measures in Place’.
We are here to help you, so if you do have any queries, please contact us.