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Important safety alert re RAAC planks - Schools

Please review this alert document with regard to schools built 1960 -1980’s which have concrete plank flat roof construction.

This includes a data sheet which provides the detail and what to look for when you carry out your inspections.

The steps for an owner/building manager to take in identifying

RAAC planks would include:

1. Note that RAAC planks were used for the construction of flat roofs in the 1960-80s, so buildings (or extensions) pre-dating or post-dating this period are unlikely to be affected;

2. Ask whether any similar buildings in the area are known to have RAAC roof planks;

3. Access any records relating to construction to see if RAAC is mentioned, although an absence of identification on records does not exclude the possibility of the material being present;

4. If the construction type of a roof is not known and could potentially be RAAC planks, then the roof should be inspected, and measures put in place to manage the risk e.g. temporary propping of the roof.

Responsible bodies would be liable for investigation and rectification costs:

For LA Maintained Schools  - Local Authority

For Academies – Trust

For C of E and Catholic schools – Diocese



The health and safety team  will endeavour to keep you informed of any current health and safety issues or topic focused on schools. If there is anything you would like to see on this page please contact the team with your suggestions.



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